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May 31 2010

Firelight Review

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Firelight e-cigarettes are one of the highest quality e-cigarette brands on the market today and their price point isn’t bad, either.  Starting at only $49.95 and coming with 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, and 10 refill cartridges, it’s also one of the most economically priced kits currently available.  It produces more vapor than any other e-cigarette we’ve reviewed on this site and I can tell you, that’s something impressive.

The design of the atomizer has a lot to do with why this e-cigarette produces more vapor than any others.  Instead of a rounded top, this atomizer is pointed more like an arrow, jutting up into the felt that holds the e-liquid so that it comes into direct contact with it.  When the atomizer is heated, the liquid in the cartridge is vaporized, giving smokers the hit that they need.  This creates a more realistic smoking experience without the actual smoke that’s involved with real cigarettes.

Not only that, but it also comes with a 60 day warranty.  Where else are you going to get that kind of value?

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Buy the His and Her Bundle and get 2 kits for $89.95!  That’s close to $10 off the usual price of $49.95 each.  It’s hard to beat that deal these days.

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Don’t forget the Firelight One kit!  It’s also an economically priced kit designed for beginners and those who like to take their e-cigarette with them on the go.  At $29.95, it can’t be beat.

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